Give&Go have organized several campaigns to help provide for those in need or raise awareness of an occasion. While our campaigns are one-off, they have been very impactful to those who we have given to. Our campaigns serve as a reminder that no act of kindness is ever too big or too small and that just by our thoughtful act of giving, we can bring a big smile to someone’s face.

Ramadan Iftar Bag

Our first ever campaign began in 2016 with the Ramadan Iftar Bag. The bag that included an apple, bottle of water, dates and tissue were distributed for free to various people – the homeless, people in cars, those walking on the streets, to Muslims and even Non-Muslims! It was such a successful campaign that we ran it twice – the first one with 200 bags distributed and the next one with 1000 bags! 16 volunteers came together to fundraise RM2000 for the contents of the bags and came down to make the campaign a success.

Homeless Christmas Bag

On the festive occasion of Christmas 2016, we were able to distribute 59 bags filled with necessities to the homeless. Shampoo, towel, toothpaste & toothbrush, sanitary pads, nail clipper, hair comb, slipper, shaver and soap were included in the bags. Before getting the items, we were on the ground ourselves and spoke to the homeless so that we would be able to provide them things according to their needs. RM2000 was raised for the bags and 17 volunteers were readily serving the homeless of Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

School Bags for Refugees

50 refugee students of Malaysia Social Research Institute (MSRI) were delighted to be gifted a school bag with stationary needs. With the RM4000 raised, we were able to fill the 50 backpacks with pencils, colour pencils and pens, notepads, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, lunch boxes and water bottles. We even got Pikachu to come down and spend some time with the kids!

Ramadan Refugee Arab Buffet

A 2017 iftar made special, 10 refugee families were invited to prepare a variety of homemade Arab cuisine. It was an initiative to bring people together for iftar and provided financial compensation for refugee families as well. Expected to only raise RM6000 and host only 100 people, the campaign was widely perceived and we raised more than RM9000 (from ticket sales and donors) and hosted 150 people. Theater group, Refugee hood, showcased a play called ‘Hopes and Dreams’ that depicts their experience as refugees. The iftar was done with the help of 40 volunteers and was graced by singer Cassidy Le Creme and Ustaz Azmi Mustafa. Thank you to Talent Lounge for sponsoring the venue.

World Kindness Day

On World Kindness Day 2017, we held an independent initiative of giving 200 chocolate bars as funded by Give&Go. 23 volunteers kindly celebrated the day with us and distributed chocolates at the Masjid Jamek area. Receiving chocolates from strangers out of kindness?! We think that everyday should be World Kindness Day!

Free Market Bazaar

We supported Al-Hasan Volunteer Network with the Free Market Bazaar, whereby donations – clothing, home appliances, books and many more – were received and refugees would be able to take what they wanted for free. The initiative served hundreds of refugees from over 12 countries, as well as Malaysians in need. We played a role in helping with the collection of the donations that spanned over a period of 2-weeks.

Day Out with The Kids

To end the year, we organized a day out with 40 students from Smart Iqra Education Centre to Kidzania who kindly sponsored tickets. The children had a lot of meaningful fun learning about their passion and interests at a young age as they got the chance to try out various occupational roles. 12 volunteers spent the end of the year with the children. RM400 was donated for the transport and Bengal Biryani Restaurant sponsored 50 meals.

Refugees Got Talent

Refugees Got Talent (RGT) is a mentorship program and competition that aims to provide a platform of opportunity for refugees to enhance and showcase their talents once every year in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, RGT provides a reward for the best performance which is RM5000. VISION:
We hope that with RGT, refugees will be seen in a more positive light to others; to realize that refugees are humans just like you and me. While we should not underplay the plight of the refugee crisis, we should also not underplay the fact that there are positives amongst refugees; those who are inspiring and even those who are undeniably talented.


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