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We usually wake up in the morning; go out heading to our work places, schools, or university and ending our days by going back home again. We are too busy to achieve what we want in our lives that we tend to forget about others. It is the time for us to restore our sense of humanity, to share and spread kindness to people regardless of different races, religions, ages, and classes. This year we put our focus on the elderly. They often times are upset since their family rarely visit them. Some feel lonely, abandoned and face emotional problems. The public need to reach out to them and bring warmth to their hearts. Make them aware that they are still part of this community and that we care.



The World Kindness Day Project aims to spread happiness and warmth. We will meet the elderly in My Noble Care, an old-age home located in Ampang. We will do some programmes to entertain them such as talent show and other fun activities include dancing/exercising and bingo game. Details are mentioned in the details of the event below.


For the future, we would like to give more, and touch more hearts.



You and me, we deserve to live in a loving society that can always inspire us and encourage others to be kind, help more people, spread happiness and respect our elders. We can together chase the satisfaction of making ourselves content by spreading kindness and making other people happy. People will think that everyday should be World Kindness Day.



Take this great opportunity and be a donor from home. Not every day we can do this so why not join us as a volunteer to improve their moods, energize them and bring back their smile.  If that isn’t possible, you can always spread this event and share with others by clicking share button below to raise more funds. Imagine we grow old and we are at their place. We together, need each other.


Details of the Event

Date: Sunday, 18th November, 2018

Venue: My Noble Care, Ampang

Time: 3-6pm

Number of Volunteers needed: 20

Donation Target: RM 700


Program plan:

1) Talent show: Volunteers will act, sing or dance while the elders act as the judges for their performance

2) Dance/exercise: Songs like heads and shoulders, hokey pokey or other fun songs will be played to get them to move, exercise and energize through songs

3) Bingo game

4) Snack time: Volunteers will prepare sandwiches and drinks


Call to Action

Find out more by contacting our head of this event, +60 11-2629 0338 (Zainab)