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Happy School Bag 2018



Over the years, the unfortunate reality is that the income gap has widened between families in this country. Due to poverty and homelessness, vulnerable children who were born to this world lost the opportunity to receive better education. These families included lower income parents and refugees. According to UNCHR as of end August 2018, 42,620 is the total number of children below the age of 18 out of 161,140. This is only the total number of the ones that have been registered. Imagine those who haven’t registered are young kids without parents living in this country on their own? We may not help them all, but the ones that we know their existence and other underprivileged children need our help.



Education is the best gift for children; therefore every child has equal access to education just like any other child in this world. In order to prepare them for education, these valuable kids require their education tools. This tool will at least allow them to feel that they have support from people around them. They should feel that they deserve to go to school, to learn, seek for knowledge and play at the same time. This time around, Give n Go has chosen Yemeni School Bangi as our happy school. After a visit from our team, we decided to distribute stationeries which include pencils, colour pencils, colour pens, notepads, rulers, erasers, sharpeners; bags, water bottles, and other basic learning materials which are very necessary to prepare them for school.



This will encourage these children to learn better as well as to give their best at school. Soon, these children will grow into someone stronger hopefully from both physically and spiritually as they’ll feel very much appreciated. We can together chase the satisfaction of making ourselves content by donating and making these children happy. Indirectly, we will develop into a society that feels the need to help each other especially anything good towards learning.



You can sponsor a child or donate any amount of money to our bank account. If that isn’t possible, be part of our volunteering team on distribution date. Spread our campaign to your friends and others. Do whatever you can, make an effort to show your support. Imagine those children are our children.


Details of the Event

Date: 21st November 2018

Place: Yemeni School Serdang in Bangi

Time: TBD

Number of volunteers needed: TBD


Call to Action

Find out more by contacting our head of this event, +60 12-705 8321 (Hawa Azman)