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Spreading kindness in various ways to people from all walks of life.
Be a Giver or Donor, or both!
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RM 2000 Goal
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RM 25500 Goal
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RM 2000 Goal

Give n Go Values

Everyone Deserves Your Help

Regardless of religion, background, race or sex. Everyone Deserves Your Help

Help Others To Help Yourself

Who knows! Today we give, tomorrow we receive..

It's Our Responsibility

We live in the same world where many needy people are looking for help.

Get Involved

Come join the fun. Be a part of the

Give n Go family.


Be a Giver

Dedicate your time by volunteering in any of our campaigns
Givers have helped to make the world a better place

Be A Donor

Support our campaigns financially. Donate from as low as RM1.
Raised to spread happiness

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